EikoSim offers EikoTwin, a solution for modelling mechanical events that cannot be identified by simulation. Using cameras, this technology links the real part being tested and its digital twin.



Model a complex event to improve knowledge

Numerical simulation is used as the basis for the development of mechanical products. However, some elements have unpredictable reactions during the actual test (e. g. a high-speed gear coupling). Being able to model real situations observed in tests and link them to the numerical twin increases the accuracy of the simulation model and provides key information for the development of the tested product.


A numerical modeling of the mechanical phenomena observed in tests


Thanks to image processing from 3 high-resolution and high-frequency cameras, EikoSim is able to model the observed phenomenon in real tests and link them directly with the digital twin of the simulation. The goal is to offer an automatic solution to manufacturers to validate their products, improve them and understand in more detail the reality on the ground. This technology provided by EikoSim allows EMC teams and partners to develop their skills on complex issues.


After developing the project with the customer, EMC and EikoSim install the cameras in the EMC test facilities. This is followed by the test procedure with simultaneous data capture. At the end of the test, EikoSim and EMC submit the results and analyze them according to the initial request.


EikoSim, a design office and software publisher, uses recognized technologies of measurement and identification. EikoSim specializes in particular in the comparison and testing/calculation dialogue based on kinematic field measurements. These technologies make it possible to identify boundary conditions resulting from measurements, that are relevant to improve numerical simulation.

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