A cleantech solution based on electrolysis : hydrogen is injected directly into the engine's air intake system, thus optimizing combustion and reducing consumption.



Reducing harmful gas emissions

Pollution in cities is a growing societal issue. To address this, environmental standards are changing rapidly and cities are taking increasingly restrictive measures against polluting vehicles. The speed of fleet renewal is not sufficient and some motorists are penalised. The results expected by the standards


Optimize vehicle combustion with hydrogen in the engine air supply system


ANTISMOG has developed a low amperage electrolysis unit that can be integrated at low cost into existing vehicles. The box produces hydrogen which will then be injected into the engine air intake to optimize its efficiency. The optimized combustion will release less fine particles and NOx while reducing fuel consumption. This innovative solution will allow the owner of older vehicles to benefit from a cleaner vehicle that is more respectful of environmental standards.


Route 26 supports ANTISMOG to:

  • Quantify scientifically the gains induced by the solution
  • Optimize the amount of hydrogen injected according to the engine’s operating points in order to obtain an optimal result.

To do this, tests will be conducted at EMC in engine test benches and then on a complete vehicle in the chassis dynamometer, with the support of EMC experts.


ANTISMOG is one of the projects/startup of New Eco Technologies, born in Great Britain and relaunched in France in 2017.

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