Collective knowledge
for mobility and the environment

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Here, it is not a question of a mobile application or a digital offer for the consumer. These Deep Tech innovations are aimed at the industry and contribute to the R&D of our means of transport: vehicle, airplane, train, drone….

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Since TRL 2, solutions have been co-developed for efficient, sustainable and affordable mobility. They are intended to achieve TRL 6 and be implemented on complex industrial resources.

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eikosim simulation

Complex elements modeling


EikoSim offers EikoTwin, a solution for modelling mechanical events that cannot be identified by simulation. Using cameras, this technology links the real part being tested and its digital twin.

antismog moteur thermique hydrogene

Retrofit of combustion engine


A cleantech solution based on electrolysis : hydrogen is injected directly into the engine's air intake system, thus optimizing combustion and reducing consumption.

predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Amiral Technologies

As a CNRS spin-off, Amiral Technologies adapts to the automotive sector its algorithm for predictive maintenance and automatic features generation for test benches and vehicles.