Route 26, what is it?

The co-pilot for innovative start-ups in the automotive, aeronautics and rail sectors....

From the idea – TRL 2* – to its validation – TRL 6 – Route 26 brings start-ups into the mobility and industry ecosystem. To achieve this, we provide a range of prototyping, testing and support resources from our engineers and technicians for startupers. The final objective? To enable start-ups to create a viable and validated prototype on industrial resources.

*TRL = Technology Readiness Level

Route 26, what is it?

The road as a common adventure

Route 26 is looking for great ideas, those that work for efficient, sustainable and affordable mobility. Existing or future engines, energy optimization, artificial intelligence, production means are all ideas that we support so that they can find their way and develop in the markets.

Route 26, what is it?

Incubator or accelerator?

Both! As there is an infinite number of start-up profiles, we offer support that corresponds to their development stages. Incubator. Because we help the seeds of ideas to make their project a reality from the beginning: business creation, hosting, technical means. Accelerator. When young companies want to develop, we offer them a link to a market and work out a commercial strategy together.

Route 26, who are we?

A pool of innovative start-ups created by EMC

December 2018, Route 26 starts under the EMC flag! EMC is a mechatronics R&D engineering company based in Achères, Paris area. It specializes in test bench design, development and validation testing and consulting for the automotive, aeronautics and defence industries. Route 26 is the first incubator for start-ups, in SMEs, in the industrial sector. For EMC, this innovation cell is above all a means of enhancing its know-how and challenging its industrial resources.

Last step: the major corporations

A gateway to innovation and markets

At the end of TRL 6, startuppers will be able to rely on the network of EMC partners. This privileged access to the mobility market is made possible thanks to more than 25 years of expertise and reliable industrial resources. Thus, we are convinced that we are creating a winning relationship, that respects everyone’s expectations and constraints.

  • Startuppers, thanks to the optimal framework and services at their disposal to develop their ideas in complete serenity,

  • Major corporations, to enable them to integrate an innovative solution that meets their needs and is ready for deployment,

  • EMC, through its investment in high-tech projects that place it at the heart of the mobility of the future.